It seems no one is ever totally happy with their bike as it comes from the factory. We all want to make our bikes unique, and love to add all sorts or accessories that improve comfort, performance, and functionality.



   Radar Detectors



   Installing Auxiliary Lights

   Headlight Modulators

Luggage & Tank Bags

Foot Pegs & Backrests

Throttle Locks

Helmet Locks

Cylinder Projectors

Handle Bars

Fender Extensions


They All Do That:
It's become apparent that many RT's share certain characteristics - some we love, some we dislike.

It's also clear that no two bikes are alike - each one develops its own character based on the way it went down the assembly line; the way it was assembled by the dealer; the way the bike is maintained; and the way the bike is used and cared for by its owner.

This FAQ addresses the most common issues that everyone asks about which your wrench or another RT rider will say "They all do that".

Pulls To The Right


Transmission Issues

Stock Stereo

Mechanical & Maintenance:
There are many mechanical issues that always come up, especially with regard to performance upgrades of OEM equipment such as exhaust and shocks.

Technical Specifications
Clutch Adjustment


Maintenance Inspections

Spark Plugs

Tires & Wheels

Brakes & ABS

Toolkit Supplements

Fuse Box

Tupperware and tank removal

Wheel Circuit bleed

Control Circuit Bleed

Clutch Bleed

BMA Tankbag ABS platen mod

Tupperware repair with Plastex

Tranny and final drive
BMW R11xx Sticking Starter Service

How To:
Here you will find lots of interesting tips and instructions on the care and feeding of your RT, as well as some ideas for making it better.

Lower It

Lift Your RT

Check Engine Oil Level

Fit a Helmet in Top Case

Protecting Your Paint

Install Air Horns on the BMW R1100RT

Shimming The Saddle

Tie It Down

Disable ABS

Ship Your RT

Install Helmet Speakers



Many people feel that the RT's sidestand is less than adequate and worry about the extreme lean angle that the bike on the sidestand - especially when the bike is fully loaded.

On the other hand, I have not heard of bikes falling over either. The RT-P has a different sidestand that is more robust and longer than the stock one. Sinking is a problem for the sidestand in soft dirt or hot blacktop.

   Sidestand Relay
   Improve Sidestand Footing

Dim The Panel Lights

Install Heated Grips

Install a Euro-Switch to Control Aux. Lights

Break-in Your New RT

We all want our bikes to look their best. Here you will find information on how to best maintain your RT's appearance.

Paint & Plastic

Fairing Fasteners

Tough Choices:
There are several excellent sport-touring motorcycles that are available for you to consider. Other bikes in the genre to investigate include:

Ducati ST2, Ducati ST4, Aprillia Futura, Triumph Trophy, Kawasaki Concours, Buell S2T, HondaS T1100, Honda ST1300

RT or ST?
First Bike?


RT or Concours?

New or Used RT?

Perhaps you ride a Harley are considering a BMW? Read the musings of Kent Lundgren  in RT Vs. FXRT If you would like to contribute a comparison of the RT with other models, please let us know.